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Release Year: 2018
The story is okay. At the moment there is only one path, which unfolds over 19 days. The 20th (and I think last) day is in development now, and then the developer intends to start working on the other paths. The current path involves coercion into becoming sluttier, with the threat of being expelled from university hanging over her head. As she fails to hand in homework, she convinces the teachers to overlook this with certain favors. She also gets cursed by a demonic invigilator for being too much of a bitch and has to try and work out how to remove this curse with sexy results.
The main path focuses on Tara gradually increasing what she's willing to do, starting with handjobs, blowjobs, public exposure, and eventually moving on to sex, anal and sex with randoms. There are side sex scenes, generally achieved by not completing homework or talking with randoms, which include sex with goblins, lesbian scenes, sex with a statue, plant-, a futa, and a wolf-d0g-thing.
Censorship: None
Genre: RPG
Version: v.0.86.D19 (Day 19) - not the 'a' update
Platform: Windows
Language: English

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