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As you might recall, after I filmed Ian going solo I was in quite a confused state. The guy was so unbelievably lovely (and hot, hung, cute etc!) that I was smitten - in fact I could think of nothing else other than I had to get him back!!! But Ian's a sensitive guy and he was adamant he wouldn't make any more films until his solo had been released and he could see the feedback in the member's forum... and just like me they loved him too. Being Ian's "number one fan" I was quickly on the phone trying to find out who he would like to fuck - after all, that BIG juicy dick was made to give someone pleasure! Craig was high on the list and the rest is simply history - this one is HOT! The guys climbed on the bed and in no time at all Ian's clothes were off and his massive dick was tickling Craig's throat! The sexual passion and playfulness becomes really evident as they relax in to some real heavy kissing, cock sucking, rimming and ass fingering - Ian's not quite as innocent as I first thought...
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