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Release Year: 2017
Cast: 永田優香 Yuka Nagata 及川美緒 Mio Oikawa 橋本さや Saya Hashimoto 吉中優 Yu Yoshinaka 島崎美優 Miyuu Shimazaki 秋吉みなみ Minami Akiyoshi
Video language: Japanese
Against the sweet and sour youth memories again! Why does JK 's uniform stimulate male instincts ah? It can be said that it is the strongest costume that combines erotic though it is formal. I can not bear the thighs from the barefoot sailors and blouses that extend from the chest or mini skirt. Part 1 is a cute Lucian Nakata Yuka chan who was able to wear sailor uniforms when he was in high school, a cosplayer of white blouse and pleated skirt Mika Oikawa, Saya chan Hashimoto with pure white pants and blouse and cardigan for netrefera Yoshinaka Yu - chan, a black - hair straight Shimazaki Akuta who is crouching at the sailor suit and a six - person total of 6 people, including brown hair color white slender body erotic on the sailor uniform. Enjoy the sex cumshots of cute little amateurs who have worn a JK uniform that evokes eroticism and nostalgia for men at all times Enjoy JK uniform uniform cosplay special omnibus part 1!
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