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Bunker mates Brian Bonds and D Arclyte bend over in front of Dylan Strokes so he can warm up their holes with his talented tongue. Brian is first to get opened up by Dylan's tongue, with D patiently waiting his turn. Once he's had a taste of both of their cracks, he kicks things up a notch with a fist gliding into their backsides. With full leverage, Dylan punches in and out of both studs until they're left with gaping and sore holes. Brian wants all of the attention and gets on his back get a blowjob from Dylan and his fist in his ass. Brian is to the point of climax and strokes himself off leaving him covered in cum for D Arclyte to lick up. It's D's turn to nut so Brian uses his hefty fist to massage his prostate one last time making him shoot a thick geyser of cum onto his scruffy abs.
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