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Release Year: 2017
Circle "A THIRD DIMENSION" first Artwork collection release.
A short video collection containing both publicized
and non-publicized works from the last 5 years.
This work also contains currently in production
beta version images and unpublished shelved works.
The flash files (swf) are MP4 format videos with voice / sound.
Please confirm system operation / compatibility via the demo movie.
This release is an updated version with short videos added!
Finish off our mascot character "Chris-chan". (lol)
"Ashura" part (800x600 MP4)
"CHRIS HD 720" part (1280x720 MP4)
This is our first HD 720 resolution high quality video release.
CHRIS HD 720 now in VR!
For those that have already purchased: ATD WORKS01 ~CHRIS EDITION~
The VR adaptation is free of charge to download!
It is possible to view via some web browsers but for local playback:
A smartphone + VR video playback app + VR goggles are required.
The video is HD720 / MP4 'side by side' style.
This is not a conversion, but rather an original compilation, meaning high quality!
Also added an bonus voiced flash file!
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Age Ratings R18+
Doujin SoftwareAnimation
File Format
MPEG File / MP4 swf png
with Musicwith Anime3D artworkwith Trial Versionreview
Lots of White Cream Juices Stockings Horror Interspecies Sex Short hair

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