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Aarin Asker says he wants a pounding and Kayden Gray promises to deliver. Their interview quickly diverts into Kayden telling Aarin to stand up and turn around. Kayden pulls down Aarin’s jeans and underwear getting an eyeful of Aarin’s plump, tight ass. Kayden strips off his shirt and then leans forward, shoving his tongue deep into Aarin’s waiting hole. After a good ass priming with both fingers and tongue, Kayden’s ready to fuck Aarin’s tight, muscular ass. Aarin; however, goes about swallowing all eleven inches of Kayden’s long, thick cock. Satisfied, Aarin rolls back on the sofa, holds his legs back while Kayden sucks his cock before sitting down on the sofa. When Kayden sits down, Aarin climbs on top of Kayden’s rigid cock and slides straight down. They go between Aarin riding it up and down to Kayden doing the ass pounding from below. Kayden keeps the pounding going as Aarin is stroking his cock. He unloads his thick jizz while Kayden is still fucking away at his ass; most of his cum winds up in his thick fur; but, a little is left dripping down his hand. When Kayden pulls out and shoots, he sends a long stream of cum all the way up onto Aarin’s chest and stomach, more comes and it’s quite a tasty ending.
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