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Jamal is back in the studio today, along with Sean. Last time Sean was here, he took Mike Robbin's cock up his ass but today, he is going to do oral with Jamal. Sean was quite hesitant to do oral with Jamal, especially as I had already told him that the myth about black men and big cocks was actually true in Jamal's case. However, upon taking a look at Jamal's soft cock, Sean said he could do it. I joked that he was going to take Jamal up his ass but Sean quickly said that he wasn't going to do anal again. I got the boys to stand up and strip right off naked as we came to a price of $600 each for oral. Despite his reservations about the size of Jamal's dick, Sean said he would suck cock first, requesting that he wanted some Jenna Jameson porn to get him into the mood.
With barely any preamble, Sean leaned to his side and slid the tip of Jamal's cock between his straight boy lips. A moment later, he took Jamal's cock in one hand and started twirling it around, much to Jamal's delight. Going back down on the large cock, Sean gripped the shaft in a tight fist even as Jamal pushed down on his head, giving him the hint to go deeper. Keeping an eye on his favorite porn star, Sean put his newly found skills to work as Jamal got harder, even as Jamal was wanking him off. They swapped; Sean sitting back against the futon while Jamal sucked on the head of his cock. Sean gave Jamal's cock a couple of hard tugs before he was made to bite down on his finger in rapture as it was clear that Jamal was giving one hell of a blowjob. Jamal tried a bit of deep throating, choking for his efforts but went right back to bobbing up and down over Sean's hard cock. Sean was so into the blowjob, he commented that Jamal sucked better cock than his girlfriend! Sitting back up on the futon next to Sean, Jamal resumed sucking on just the very tip of Sean's cock, despite me saying he could just jerk Sean off. It was clear that Jamal was having fun with a cock in his straight boy mouth.
Sean let out a shriek as Jamal tongued his piss slit, both boys laughing at the unexpected interruption. With a couple of good jerks on Sean's cock, Jamal licked up and down the rock hard shaft, making Sean pant for more. While Jamal may be straight, it was obvious that he had some major cock sucking skills as he had Sean squirming around on the futon in pure pleasure and even biting his fist from the sensation. Too soon, Sean was almost ready to cum so he told Jamal to sit back on the futon, then swallowed down Jamal's cock. Giving Jamal's cock a few twirls, Sean opened his legs wider so that Jamal could jerk Sean off easier. Jamal was obviously enjoying Sean's cock sucking skills as his dick was getting harder. His cock was so long, both Jamal and Sean could pump the shaft at the same time even as Sean licked and nibbled at the head.
Jamal was getting so turned on by the blowjob, he kept muttering for Sean to 'suck that dick!' Shifting onto his knees in front of Jamal, Sean was working overtime on the thick cock as he furiously jerked on the shaft even as he ran his tongue underneath the head of Jamal's dick. Thrusting up into Sean's mouth, Jamal was panting heavily as Sean bobbed up and down over his cock. Soon enough, it was obvious that Jamal was too close to cumming for Sean to continue so Sean sat back on the futon, both boys wanking each other off with hard and fast strokes. Sean came first, cum dribbling down the head and shaft as Jamal wrung every last drop out of Sean's cock. Now it was Jamal's turn for the money shot. Standing up in front of Sean, Jamal slowly stroked off even as Sean squeezed and played with his balls. A few minutes later, Jamal shot a volley of cum towards Sean before giving him a slap across the face with his cum coated cock.
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