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Release Year: 2016
Cast: boys
Genres: Asian, Twinks, Oral/Anal Sex, BlowJob, HandJob, Fingering, Masturbation, Cumshots
Video language: English
Luxurious freshman model debut! The third version of "VERTEX" which recorded a big hit finally completed! The transcended bulky body rampaged!
1. Murano Mamori
Fulfilling a brilliant debut with "fierce impression", showed me the best blowjob that I can not believe is a nonsuke, today's handsome model Muroi reappears!
Elegantly dense blowjob erects goggle man's big cock and is bullet inserted in virgin anal!
Between pain and comfort, panting voice ! She gets ascended to a man's sex that she can not taste.
2. Ryu Naruse
The luxurious rookie model debuts! The body that was trained up to be a jackpot !! And, the expression that the expression of youngster becomes a prisoner S class model!
Despite being nervous in the first shoot, I show off the pride of the bride and feel it as a taste for the first time!
3. Shunsuke Aoki
BEAST first appeared! Beautiful body trained with cute smile and exercise! In addition, owner of big cock that girls are told absolutely!
Blaming sensitive body, entering erotic mode while smiling happily!
BEAST The ultimate technique to make nonsense of goggleman feel, big cock is already full erection!
A goggle man who is excited about a sharp erotic reaction, Shunsuke-kun's, it is a high-speed piston gotta fuck anal!
Dick who becomes even harder to feel comfortable! Please enjoy concentrated erotism which can only be seen here.
4. Taisei Hayama
Debut at "Muzukuri Hentai innocence 19-year-old suffering full erotic story only!" Hayama Taisei-kun, which features cute smile and erotic body finally ascends with anal sex!
A casual meat erect erects to pierce the ceiling by accidentally treating sensitive sensitive body!
The facial expressions are distorted to pleasure without feeling that you can put your fingers into unexperienced anal!
Pant pant voice leaked without thinking that a hardened meat stick can be put in! I am excited about the appearance of such a cunning model being digged and panting!
5. Ryu Naruse virgin anal banned!
Naruse who showed her erotic figure in part 2 is finally dug!
Han Ju which flows to the abdominal muscle of Buki baki! Digging the anal of nonsense to tighten!
Ultra-S grade model is super-metamorphosis sex and heavy yaba ascension!
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