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“In a city where cash flows like , Campbell Stevens is a crucial player. Working his way up from the streets, Campbell owns a little joint that runs on cocktails and dreams. He’s seen his share of young, doe-eyed dudes trot through that old front door. Most of ’em couldn’t tell a shaker from a Fleshjack, and Rod Daily was no different.
As Rod approached the bar, Campbell instantly noticed his unusually tight physique. A firm handshake told Campbell that this one was packing more intensity than the average bro lookin’ to make a few bucks.
He had Rod take off his shirt. Ripped abs and a lean, powerful chest took Campbell aback. This guy had the look, the attitude, and the willingness. Watch what happens as Rod makes a play for the job by sucking passionately on Campbell’s meaty dick.
Then see Campbell get throat-stuffed by this young, muscular prospect as the interview proceeds. And find out if Rod seals the deal by taking a hard pounding from this barkeep who only hires top talent. Enjoy!”
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