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Release Year: 2018
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Everyone in South Beach wants to part of The Chosen Few, an exclusive group of the world's hottest men, hand-selected by Logan Moore to live at his private island estate. Stories of their lavish lifestyle and endless hours of sexual debauchery tempt Danny Gunn and Michael DelRay onto Logan's boat, headed to paradise. Logan welcomes them to his home, where there is only one rule: no one touches his personal houseboy, Alam Wernik. Everyone tries to play by the rules except for one person: Alam. The chiseled young can't keep his clothes on or his mouth off of every rock hard cock in sight. From the muscle bound security (Arad WinWin) to the nag-hung houseguests (Dante Colle and Jacob Peterson) there's trouble at every turn. Will Michael and Danny be able to resist temptation, or will they give in, and lose their spot among The Chosen Few?
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