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CumPigMen`s hot new title "Suck It Down" just came out and I dare not say who one of the guys in the first scene coincidentally looks like. Lets just say he`s beautiful, you`d walk on water to get to him and having sex with this guy would be a religious experience.
Shot in Fort Lauderdale at the amazing Cabanas Guest House, Tyler Fox eats the cum of men even hotter than Florida weather. This flavor-packed DVD is packed with loads of jizz juice. Swimming pools of cum from the smooth, the young, straight looking guys, men of color, a business man. There`s even a cute-as-hell, curly haired brunette that will satisfy your Greg Brady / Johny Bravo fantasy. Not to mention the hottie I mentioned with the long blond hair and piercing eyes. The last thing cute Fox does in this flick is eat a banana which I found quite shocking. I was shocked because with all the gallons of tropical spooge he`d just swallowed, I was surprised that he had room for dessert!
If you`re a true disciple of cum eating and like to worship at the feet of hot guy and gushing cocks, here`s the story, of a lovely Pig Man.
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