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I’d be hard pressed to find another couple with quite the level of chemistry that these two have. They’d worked together once before becoming GuyBone guys and then once with Dusty Williams for our Bareback Otter Romp. I knew I had to have them in a scene, just the two of them, to exploit their unbridled attraction to each other. The perfect daddy and boy pairing, Damon Andros and Stephen Harte are as sexy and hairy as can be, providing 5 extra minutes of footage, giving you more fuck for your buck!
The bearded, bulging duo wasted no time getting to work. Or is it recreation? They were down to their jockstraps in seconds, Damon inviting Stephen to service his impressive cock. Fuck. Watching Stephen suck that big dick was something I could have done all day. And their verbal queues to one another were beyond stimulating. The moans, the groans, the praises and requests.
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