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Release Year: 2018
Cast: Brianna, Lola
Video language: English
Brianna ties her boy, danni, to a bench with pallet wrap. Danni is being prepared to be pegged by more than thirty women at tonights party. Normally, Briannas husband would be the ladies evening entertainment. But hes working overtime this week to meet his wifes financial needs. Danni will have to be fucked in place of his . Dannis and sis are being generous, giving him a warm up ass fuck before the other women arrive. Lola holds her legs while Milf slides her cock inside her boy. Lola fondles and inspects her chastity while Brianna fucks her boy ass. This is just the beginning of dannis long night. Brianna tests to see how deep she can thrust the cock into her boy. She wants to make sure that he will not be a disappointment to their guests. Lola covers dannis mouth to keep him from crying out. Brianna offers her daug a turn at her boy ass. Lolas excited to fuck her . She pegs her while he works at cleaning his own juices from his cock. Brianna makes her boy beg for more from his sis. She wants to hear the say how hungry he is to take the thirty five cocks. Danni says hes hungry. Danni has been starved for three days to clear out his system prior to the pegging party. His reference to hunger is probably sheer, literal, hunger. tells danni that his hunger can be sated with thirty five dicks. They remind danni that he likes big dick. Brianna makes herboy beg for more pegging. Milf gives him more. She tells danni that the whole cheer squad is on the guest list and theyre coming in uniform. He is going to be the talk of the whole school, which is almost like being popularexcept painful. Who likes a pegging? Milf asks. Danni has trouble answering, because his sis dick is in his mouth. Peg him hard, Milf! Lola cries. The doorbell rings. Its the first of the guests to arrive. Brianna fucks her boy and laughs as Lola leads the guests into the room.
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