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When the stars are aligned, some days it gets pretty quiet in the House. This usually occurs because there is a group help meeting and most of the guys have some sort of court order. Rarely is the House quiet because all the residents are at work – these lazy fucks can’t keep a job for more than a week or two.
At any rate, I found myself alone in the den with one of our youngest. From prior experience, I knew he couldn’t suck dick that well, but I had definitely wanted to get into his tight-looking hole. Today was the lucky day. Since he is lazy, he was screwing around on his phone. These new-fangled apps will keep low IQ societal rejects occupied for hours on end. I took his phone and started in on him – first with a nice handjob and then I thought I’d give him some more cock-sucking practice. Who knows, he might find it useful one day. Most young people with no jobs and no friends find a BJ can help fill the stomach and provide a pillow for a night.
When I had him get on his knees with his butt in the air, I realized for the first time what a nice butt he has. At this point, I’m very much looking forward to diving in. His hole is tight as hell, though, so I loosen him up first with my finger, and then slowly slide my raw cock inside him. His hole is warm as an oven, and quite inviting. I went slow for a while, because I didn’t want to break this slight little 19 year old. Once his sphincter was relaxed, though, I really put him through the hoops.
He rides me for a while and then goes ass-to-mouth on my cock, which was hot to watch, and better to feel. Then I pound him hard in missionary. After a long while of that, his hole is looking like a super-nova, and he was barely wincing as I shoved it in deeper.
I thought I might like to creampie this teen, so I peg him from behind until I nut in his hole. After I pull out, I check out the damage: There’s a nice warm stream of jizz just oozing from his freshly fucked teen hole. Now that’s what I call a nice afternoon diversion!
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