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Well, they certainly aint in Desert Pick-Up. These generally cute guys are plucked, waxed, tweezed, electrolysis-ized, Naired, trimmed, shaved... heck, theyre just plain smooth, even in their armpits for heavens sake. (I couldnt tell if we were being offered a Barbie doll/plastic body fetish, what with the hairlessness trend here.) And though surrounded by the dry, sun-drenched desert, these buff dudes are never strapped for moisture!Looking younger than ever, Noll kicks things off by giving his buddy a roadside blowjob, which degenerates into a threeway when a stranger in overalls appears from nowhereseville. How Brigadoon! Noll ends up getting it but good in his hungry asspit. The scenes pretty hot and Noll busts a major load, nourishing the sands with his sea-salt.Now relieved, but stuck with a broken down ride, the trio make way to a lone repair shop. Of course, theres much more action down the line like a super-drooly blowjob, an outdoor musclehunk buttfuck which lasts half a forever, a shower, cum coating, and more.The dialogue is mundane even for a porno, which isnt necessarily a bad thing. The cumshots are usually played twice. And the direction is actually restrained and visually lingering, with a nice quiet atmosphere even when the sex gets slurpy and loud.While those sands have looked better theyve also looked much worse. Desert Pick-Up is a good pick-me-up.
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