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Release Year: 2003
Cast: Ben Archer, Buster, Carlo Cox, Clint Taylor, Duff Paxton, Gary Silverman, Jim Klamm, John Charles, Lance, Nick Capra, Ray Stone, Rob Anthony, Sam Benson, Sloan Christian, Steve York, Zach Falconer
Genres: Muscle, Oral, Anal, Kissing, Cumshot, Rimming, Group, Vintage, Shaved Head, Beard, Hairy, Facial, Cum Eat
Video language: English
When porn director Nick Capra gives his lecture on the ins and outs of making porn he uses classic late 70's films to get some of his points across. What's a good lead in? Where's a nice location? What about a story line? These important questions and more are answered when Nick shows us that he's the Porn Authority. Back in the old days the videos were grainier and more raw. The lighting wasn't always great but the spontaneity of the action is what made them so hot. In the process of evaluating the evolution of porn it is important to distinguish the difference between Pre-Condom and Barebacking. In the Pre-Condom days of gay porn it wasn't called barebacking, it was called sex. The difference is back then there were no reasons to use condoms, but there came a time. Catalina always understood this and maintained a clear vision of the importance of safer sex while keeping the raw, intense eroticism of the hard-core action fantasy in tact. Intercut with classic scenes of pre-condom action are new scenes that indicate how hot and sexy the sex is even with condoms. The latest kings of Porn Authority are Nick Capra, Carlo Cox, Ray Stone, Rob Anthony, Ben Archer, Sloan Christian, Zach Falconer, and Clint Taylor. Classic scenes from Good Times Coming, The Big Surprise and Flesh & Fantasy feature legends Lance, Buster, Mark Ford [Hill?], Steve York, Jim Klamm, Sam Benson [John Charles?], and Gary Silverman.
Zach is watching Buster and Steve by a pool on video.
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