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Release Year: 2018
Cast: Erena Sasamiya
Video language: Japanese
Japan is a country of not only workaholics, but also people who are anxious about the purity of their streets, neighborhoods, cities. Moreover, Japanese from know about the separation of waste: food, paper, plastic, etc. And in the country the removal of a certain type of waste in special containers depends on the day of the week. Simply put, you will not be able to, for example, on Wednesday, when this day of the week is intended for food waste, throw empty cardboard boxes and iron pieces (or even more quietly throw them near your own entrance, as it is practiced here). If the neighbors see you for such an activity, you can call the police and your "innocent mistake" will result in an impressive fine. But they do. We do.... people not only do not want to hear about the division of garbage, but also different types of garbage are stored right next to the entrance. These same persons do not bother themselves that their waste would be very correct to throw in a container specially designed for this and which is a few meters from the place where they rudely "shat". The Japanese are very cultural and tolerant people, but even they were angry and outraged would not be for this attitude to their own neighbors and to the place where he lives, who does not even know the basic rules of etiquette and good manners.....
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