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Release Year: 2006
Cast: Alex Belour Alex Pain Basti Ryk Domenik (fm) Justin Beeker William Berry
Genres: Twinks, Oral, Anal, Solo, Toy, Threesome, Outdoor, Masturbation, Cumshot
Video language: English
Domenik, a thin light guy sporting a camera, spies shoppers Alex Pain and William Berry at an outdoor mall. They chatter in German and soon the tall dark-haired Alex and cutesy floppy-haired William have headed home with Domenik. He has them put on some outdoor gear, which means a tiny G-string bathing suit for William and a colorful but awful two-piece for Alex. Naturally, once some photos are snapped, Domenik ends up on his knees sucking William. Both cocks are out and his soon, though William's dark thick one is the real prize. Alex takes a turn alternating on their cocks and then stands up, butt out, sucking William. Domenik hurries behind him to fuck him, though it's a tame fuck. Alex seems determined to make his strong legs stand against much pushiness from Domenik. Soon into it, William has an enormous strong cum-shot that hits Alex over and over again in the chin. William is a much better top, taking Alex missionary while Domenik stands over them to get sucked by William. He gets a cum-shot out of Domenik and then blasts a second high powered shot at Alex's face before Alex gets to pop off, carefully avoiding that mishmash of color that he's still wearing.
Intense in sunglasses, Alex Belour is picked up on the street by Gran Canaria. They kiss in recognition, but then shake hands, so either they know each other or this is a pre-arranged hook-up. The very handsome Gran whisks sexy somewhat rougher Alex off to his garden for some photos. Gran, with a nice tight body, takes them shirtless, with Alex wearing only the tightest of clingy material. Since Gran is hard while taking the pictures, Alex takes the chance to start blowing him. He gets down deep on the cock as Gran face-fucks him. Gran sucks too, working eagerly on Alex's hefty dick, going down for a deep-throat whenever he can. They go back and forth for a while and then Gran lets his tongue loose in Alex's asshole. It's a sweet rimming, light and tickling. Gran is only slightly nastier when he fucks Alex. These two look delicious in the sunlight, and though Gran makes sure to get his entire cock inside Alex, it's light on passion. Another round of blowjobs leads to Alex eating and then fucking Gran. He's the more excitable top, feisty and fast. Both cum, with Alex shooting bullets of jism all over Gran.
It's photo time again, but this time Gran has Alex Belour and William, and they are in the nude from the onset. It's a sex pictorial, so Alex puts William's cock in his mouth for stills. Naturally, it turns into a more aggressive sucking, and Alex goes all out for William's cock (the one that seemed to be the favorite in his other scene). William pushes Alex to the ground so he can blow him for a while. Gran is still clothed and managing the camera when he sends them across the garden so Alex can munch William's delectable hairless ass among the flowers. No doubt his tongue piercing makes it even more fun. Alex cums sucking William again and William has a typically big shot to Alex's neck and chest.
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Duration: 1:35:25
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