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Cast: Gabe Dalessandro, Rave Hardick
Genres: Bareback, Oral Sex, Anal Sex
Gabe Dalessandro and I have crossed paths before; we're both Vers Tops. Hittin' some of the same bottoms, today I told him I'd be "willing." Going after one another intensely, it's not long before those three fingers Gabe's got up my ass, turn into the "real deal;" just as thick and with a mind of its own. Pounding me roughly, I enjoy the "deep end" action; my cock stays hard throughout. Finishing with a creampie, Gabe says he's still hard and that I should ride him until I blow. Spewing out a thick load of jizz, we both need a shower and a nap. Rave Hardick is as popular as they "cum;" he and Gabe have no problem making a man appreciate a real "anaconda"
Format: mp4
Duration: 29:08
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Audio: 252kbps

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