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Cast: Billy Rubens, Leo Marco
Genres: Twinks, Kissing, Jerking Off, Oral, Anal, Condom, Cumshots
The time to leave has arrived, but Billy has fallen in love with our French beauty,
and asks him to stay with him at the hotel… Although he can’t stay, he also can’t leave with a final fling and Billy is just as happy
to get him naked right there in the conference room. The suits are slowly peeled off the two sexy young fuckers, both rock hard
at the sight of each other’s toned, smooth and damn hot bodies.
Billy can’t wait to get his stiff dick inside his crush, and Leo has no problem with that, the horny bottom boy pushes back onto his shaft, letting it slide slowly inside of him until Billy takes over and bucks hard, pumping him full of his meat, allowing Leo to wank himself off as he just enjoys this moment of union, Billy inside of Leo and Leo laying back, letting Billy take him over completely. Not wanting to waste a drop of cum in the Hotel, Leo make sure he covers Billy, leading to Billy shooting his own wad over himself, leaving him dripping, but both boys very happy!
If you’ve ever had a crush on someone, or ever been in lust, or even if you’re one of the lucky ones who was truly in love, then you know how hard it is to say goodbye. No one knows this better than poor Russian twink Billy Rubens. The cute, adorable and sexy little fucker has said goodbye to not just one, but now two twinks he’s fallen in lust and semi-love with. Never mind that he’s got a thing for pussy and says he prefers girls. Regardless of whether Billy is hiding something, not admitting to his true hidden feelings, or whether he’s simply omnisexual — yes, those do exist! — he’s had a thing for French hottie Leo Marco from the start. There was a definitely something there when they met and when they had sex the first time there was an instant connection. But now it’s time for Leo to leave the Dreamboy. And, despite the fact that Billy would rather he stay, they both know they’re from different worlds. Their bittersweet moment has them both aroused and the emotions wash over them even as they take turns sucking each other. But after a while, nothing can overcome the intense desire to fuck and, after Leo rides Billy, the Russian hunk takes control and pounds Leo hard, pumping him full of uncut meat until they both leave each other drenched in come. They might not perhaps be completely happy, but at least they’re satisfied. For now.
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