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This sizzling first title from the Hot Hand Collection features hardcore handball action from superstars Michael Brandon and former Hot House Exclusive Ryan Lexington! Get ready to kick back, jack, and watch some ass-cracking action like you've never seen.
Scene 1. Buck Philips, Aaron Tanner
Sexy Buck Philips buries his face deep in Aaron Tanner's tight ass, followed by an extensive rectal massage. His fingers work on Tanner's hole until it's open wide enough to take his whole fist. Philip's persistence pays off when he effortlessly punch fucks Tanner's ass. Now that's wide open!
Scene 2. Nate Summers
Nate Summers can't wait for assistance; he has to get his ASS WIDE OPEN now! With the help of a realistic dildo suctioned onto a paned glass door, he starts his exercises, prepping him for Scene Three.
Scene 3. Buck Philips, Nate Summers
Ass Master Buck Philips returns, this time to pound his paws into newcomer Nate Summers. As Philips begins his work on Summer's tight hole it becomes clear that he is not going in up to the elbow! The intensity increases with each thrust of Philips' fist when you realize you're watching a true novice get fisted. Summers does a great job taking Philips' fist. Philips does an even better job at jacking off and shooting a wet load of jiz all over Summers' ass!
Scene 4. Simon Cox
The dark prince of fisting, Simon Cox, takes matters into his own ass in Scene four. In this solo scene Cox proves that his ass is open wider than ever when he shoves huge dildos up his ass. Riding a fat dildo with clothespins on his nipples, Cox blows his load!
Scene 5. Ryan Lexington, Michael Brandon, Vince Verone
Plain Wrapped Video fans will remember Ryan Lexington as one of the most innocent looking nasty sex-pigs ever. Well he's back, this time getting his huge hole worked over by the man with the Monster, Michael Brandon, in his scene with sexy Vince Verone. Brandon and Verone take turns shoving things, including their fists, up Lexington's ass. Brandon proves to be a very accommodating fisting top, eagerly sucking Lexington's cock while he works his hole. The chemistry between these guys burns through the screen.
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