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Release Year: 2018
Genres: mouth fetish, female domination, gloryhole, vore, tonguejob, cum licking, femdom, edging games, tongue fetish, lip fetish, teeth
Video language: English
Lots of frenulum licking, edging games, spitting, biting, sensual, cruel, surprising, simply Alina.
Another unique blowjob by most talented Blowjob Mistress on the net. She is heaven and hell at the same time.
After a 19 minutes blowjob according to all the rules of the art, she will make her victim cum with her long and strong tongue. She will keep on licking his frenulum during his entire orgasm, she will keep on licking it even longer, she ignores his whimpering his squirming under the gloryhole box.
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Duration: 22:11
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