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In a short amount of time, Camdem has become extremely popular. He really stands out among CFs crop of new guys as one that&;s a great combination of handsome, hung, and willing to have all kinds of fun - whether with guys or girls!
We&#;ve learned Camden can fuck like a champ, and that he looks amazing while doing so. Here, we get to see Camden show off those skills and that hot dick again. We&#re also treated to his priceless facial expressions, as he&#s overcome with pleasure.
Something that&# a special treat in this hot episode, though, is Camden getting that hole played with! Not only does he get it fingered, but he gets to feel a big, hard toy sliding up in to him while his legs are up in to the air, hole is exposed, and cock is as hard as a rock!


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 Date: 08/19/17 12:37   in : Classic Sex 

47 min

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2 hours

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3 hours

 Date: 08/19/17 08:07   in : Classic Sex 

5 hours

 Date: 08/19/17 06:58   in : Classic Sex 

6 hours

 Date: 08/19/17 05:07   in : Classic Sex 

8 hours

 Date: 08/19/17 04:37   in : Classic Sex 

8 hours

 Date: 08/19/17 03:38   in : Classic Sex 

9 hours

 Date: 08/19/17 03:10   in : Classic Sex 

10 hours

 Date: 08/19/17 03:03   in : Classic Sex 

10 hours