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Release Year: 2015
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There's no fucking in this hat scene, because both Laze and Tye are bottoms. Laze seems to talk non-stop throughout the session, so it's hard to figure out how he manages to suck Tye's big dick. Laze is a pretty aggressive little bottom with a confident approach to sucking dick, and Tye has a cock that deserves all of Laze's artistry. Tye does suck Laze for a bit, having suggested some 69 action. When they lean back for the final stretch of side-by-side jerking, the boys get serious about busting. Tye finally states he's going to cum, and does right into Laze's eager mouth. When it's Laze's turn to cum, he hoses Tye with a generous load, before licking much of it off of Tye's chest, face and arm.

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