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When traveling buff boy Darius Ferdynand finally finds his hotel for the night he's greeted by suited Hotel manager Xavi Duran. Xavi explains that his room isnt quite ready and suggests he sit and wait a while until it is. But Dairus is so weary he lays back on the reception couch and lets his eyes close and his mind drift. And whats on his mind? Well it seems he's already got the hots for the handsome hotel manager as he drifts in and out of what he thinks is a dream. But it seems so real. Xavi stands over the sleeping young stud then softly strikes his ripped abs and pecs working his way down to his cock. Xavi fucks his hotel guest until Darius wakes up covered in his own cum. Was it just a dream? Then why is Xavi's tie still there? Did it really just happen? Will Darius be having little ghost babies? Who knows, one thing is sure its real enough for us to watch every pounding penetration and every inch of these beautiful mens bodies.
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