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Tyler Torro is back on Marcus Mojos massage table for like, the umpteenth time this year, nursing yet another injury. Its not that hes delicate, but rather, he just doesnt know his own limitations sometimes and over exerts himself to the point of injury... basically, the guy just goes too hard. And thats what has brought him back. Well, that and the fact that he has still yet to fuck Marcus sweet ass. Now as far as Marcus is concerned, Tyler is a piece of dick hes been trying get for quite some time. And as much as he hates to see a friend injured, he would be lying if he said he didnt relish this opportunity to try and seduce Tyler. Sure enough, these motives converge on Marcus table, and once he has Tylers muscles loosened up and relaxed, he goes ahead and just takes one giant lick of Tylers ass. Clinching at first, then immediately giving to, Tyler realizes hes gonna have to go hard here too.
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