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As a student, Jake Davis definitely has potential on the piano. His desire and focus both are apparent, but instructor Alex Mecum thinks what's missing is the feeling. Jake doesn't seem to really understand what Alex is talking about, so Alex 's tutoring is required in other areas of Jake's life. Unsure of how he'll be recieved, Alex tries to keep it professional, but Jake is determined to acquire the experience needed to round into form, so he asks Alex to show him the way. Alex realizes the trust between a student and teacher goes a long way, so he tries to instill that trust in Jake. As they embrace, Jake's heart flutters and feelings he's never felt well up inside him. Alex is considerate of the situation, equal parts gentle and firm, and he takes special care to show Jake all the ins and outs, while Jake pays close attention, taking it all in, until their feelings for one another can no longer be contained, exploding in a mixture of passion and play as they collaborate to create sweet harmony together. Enjoy!
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