Download Payback Part 3. Poor man (2012)

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Release Year: 2012
Cast: Carl
Genres: Fetish
His hands are chained over-head to the wooden truss. Becko gets his whip out and beats poor Carl like a mad man. His ass is red from the hard flogging as the soldiers finally cover it with sperm.
Carlґs body is shaking from pain. They tied him to the wooden truss and he finds himself surrounded by nasty, dirty soldiers who enjoy his misery so much. His butt serves as a punching ball. Suddenly Becko interrupts the caning. He gets out a tight whip and almost freaks out when he starts to give poor Carl a merciless flogging.
His cries fill the room. He hops around like a bunny and with his feet tied and his hands chained he cannot do much. Actually it is a funny view to see this arrogant cunt helpless and broken.
It takes a long time before they stop. But just to bring him back to the scaffold. First they tie him on his stomach spreading his ass. Nikolay jerks on it with a loud moan. Then Mecko goes for Carlґs face covering it with his hot cum. Finally Becko floats the guyґs body with juicy hot soldier sperm. One by one they give him his final humiliation. When the soldiers are finished they spit in his face and leave him right in this position.
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