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Release Year: 2018
Genres: bareback, porn
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On the outside these two are very different - Romeu with his beard and tattoos and beefy body - Pietro with his smooth young face and slim physique. But the old adage that opposites attract is true as these two heat up the screen together.
Romeu is obsessed with Pietro's fine ass. As Pietro sucks on Romeu's cock he watches the smooth buns bounce up and down - visualizing his dick slamming between them. Pietro knows how to suck cock and Romeu grabs his hair to shove his cock deeper inside as he face fucks the sweet young thing.
He fondles the ass but wants his cock in there so turns Pietro over to get inside him. His bare dick feels so good inside Pietro and he bounces up and down on it every which way. That sweet young face is begging to get cum all over it and Romeu now content with the barebang blows a huge load all over Pietro's pretty face.
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