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Studio: Raging Stallion
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Brian Bonds is in a man sandwich between Mitch Vaughn and David Benjamin. Mitch and David grab Brian by the legs and hoist him up into the air, then lower him down onto Rocco Steele's monumental cock. They lift Brian up and down, giving him a wild ride on Rocco's massive man meat! Brian turns around and straddles Rocco, and Mitch climbs on top to make it a double-penetration. David watches the action up close, making sure that Brian's ass is totally filled and daring the guys to fuck harder and harder. Muscles clench, veins bulge, and sweat drips. Standing up, Rocco initiates a gang bang that will go down as one of the hottest of all time; he, David and Mitch tag team Brian's hole until they're all drenched in sweat and ready to burst! Towering overhead, all three tops drenches Brian with a massive volley of cumshots, which puts Brian over the edge too!
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