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Flex Xtremmo is nervous: he's never hired an escort before. When Xavi Duran arrives, he puts Flex at ease with a relaxing massage. The effort gets things heated up, so Xavi takes off his shirt, revealing an athletic physique with a thorny tattoo creeping along his right side. He reaches out to stroke the hair dusting Flex's muscled chest. They kiss. Xavi fondles Flex's bulging briefs, and then reveals his own bulging underwear. Flex can't resist going down on Xavi's mushroom-headed monster dick. Flex licks the top of Xavi's cockhead as saliva trickles to the floor. Xavi removes Flex's briefs and gets in position for a rim job. With Flex's ass wet and ready, they fuck doggy style, standing in the middle of the room. Holding his ass wide with one hand and jerking himself off with the other, Flex moves in rhythm with Xavi's fucking. A quick kissing interlude leads Flex back to the couch. Balancing on the armrest, his ass is at the perfect height to get fucked. Xavi thrusts his cock deep into Flex's willing hole. Reveling in the intense penetration, Flex strokes his hard cock with abandon. Pulling out, Xavi blasts his load on Flex's leg. Flex strokes himself off and his cum splatters on his washboard abs.
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