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Marcos drives me crazy. Seriously, Lock me up and throw away the key crazy. Every time I am around this stud I think he is one of the hottest if not coolest guys I know. You would think by now he would know exactly how hot he is but see that is the cool part, he doesn't. Marcos makes me laugh because he is so laid back and friendly for someone who has not really ever had many gay friends. He confesses that this all pretty new to him but you would never guess it because he is so warm and relaxed. When Marcos visits on the set my crew gets a little excited. What can I say? They love to watch him too. Marcos has a totally natural frame and he admits to very rarely working out. Can you believe it? Christ I don't work out much anymore either and believe me I look nothing like him. His body coupled with that smile is a real winner. I could photograph this beautiful guy every day and I don't think I would ever grow tired of him. This is Marcos 2nd appearance on R.B. and I hope it is not his last because I need to get my fill.
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