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Release Year: 2018
Cast: Reagan Foxx
Genres: Big Tits
Video language: English
What do you get when you cross the erectile dysfunction medication belonging to the husband of Lucas’s friend’s hot mom, and thirsty Lucas mistaking the Ed drops for water flavor? A sticky situation, that’s what?!? While waiting for his friend to arrive to play basketball, Lucas unknowingly gulps down more boner-inducing juice than one would ever need in a lifetime, causing his jeans to practically tear open within seconds. Ms. Foxx, who was excitedly anticipating her husband’s (and her) new toy, addresses the situation with import and follows Lucas to the bathroom, where he’s having no luck “deflating” the matter. Knowing time is of the essence – in many ways – the Milf lives by her wits and escorts Lucas up to her bedroom, sits him down, and then proceeds to put herself in sexy lingerie. If there’s one way Lucas is going to get his release, this is the way! As awkward as it is, Reagan teases and pleases her boy’s friend by stroking, sucking and fucking her boy’s friend’s dick until Whoosh! Lucas’s cock erupts like a geyser, spewing forth glorious, copious amounts of jizz all over his friend’s hot mom! Hoo-ray! Ms. Foxx has saved the day!
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