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Samuel is out in the wild stroking himself when Nando happens by and see Samuel from a distance and begins to rub his own cock. He can't resist, as he gets closer and helps stroke and suck his cock and eat his ass out. Samuel stuffs two fingers into Nando's butthole deeper and deeper. He moans with pleasure as he finger fucks him deep inside. Samuel then slips his stiff cock out and Nando slams himself on it as he strokes his erect cock. Perched on top of an ancient sacrificial rock, Samuel fucks Nando like he means it. The fucking sizzles here as Nando straddles Samuel, who slams it in from below, on top and then rolls him over for a missionary-style plowing. The scene cums to a climax as their succulent balls spill loads of thick, creamy spunk right into each other's mouths.
Maku is taking a cool swim in the tropical pool when in comes Riky to cool off as well. Maku nonchalantly sets his eyes on Riky. Maku makes the first moves and passionately locks lips. Their hands caress the bulges in each others Speedos. The two perform a steamy poolside fuck: Riky begins to work Maku's ass by massaging his sphincter with his tongue. His fingers Maku's hole as his throbbing hard cock cries to be inside Riky. Maku begins to prepare Riky's ass, probing his anal canal. Once Maku has opened up Riky's hole he dives in. Watch Riky slip Maku's massive cock up his ass and take it for a ride up and down like he's on a merry-go-round. Cum facials are served, then they kiss and lick each other's cum covered faces before cooling down in the pool.
Ronal is reading his book out on the deck while he waits for Felipe to show up. They obviously know why they have come together and get right down to business. These two guys are hot and enjoy each other while caressing and kissing. Ronal drops on his knees and begins to service Felipe's cock. Ronal sure knows how to suck a mean dick. Kissing, rimming, sucking, fingering, and of course fucking are the name of the game. Ronal moans as his smooth hole gets licked and then fucked. Flipping Ronal spread eagle over a table, Felipe takes an even harder and faster pounding as the table rocks like crazy. Finally, they end with cumming in each other's mouth.
While picking tropical fruit in the orchard, a lost hiker stops and asks for directions, leading to a Colombian threeway. A fierce suck fest leads to a fuck fest. Ronal fingers Angel's ass, probing deeper and deeper with each thrust, in preparation to feed him his cock. Samuel takes Angel from behind and fucks him as he sucks Ronal's cock. Then cutie Samuel is sandwiched in the middle taking and giving at the same time. Samuel stands above Angel and Ronal as they are kneeling - waiting to receive his load in their mouths. The best oral and facial cumshots are in this scene. These guys sure know how to slurp jizz and snowball each others cum. These three have impressive bodies and seem to be very hot for each other making for one hot scene.
5. (Bonus scene)
Inyerman (sdb), William (sdb)
These two school buddies meet for some after school studies. Soon the clothes come off and the fun begins. These two are very vocal. Listen to the directions given by the director. These two young students really know how to have hot after school sex.
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