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Release Year: 2019
Studio: Seriousmalebondage
This is one of my favorite videos. My friend Bind created it a few years ago. The video is about a guy who finds himself helt prisoner in a hostile foreign nation. As you might expect, the primise of the video is just an excuse to show some cool steel shackle bondage, which is what I like. I love the thought of being locked in steel shackles in a stark and lonely jail cell. There's something about that scenario which is very attractive to me.
I grew up as a somewhat introverted kid. Daily life and the world in general seemed overwhelming to me, so playing with bondage was my way of escaping reality. That's why the harsh bondage in this video is so attractive to me. I had fantasies of being locked up like this when I was young, and I continue to pursue those experiences today. Lucky for me, I have three friends who own jails where I can go to get my bondage and confinment fix. As my friend Bind says, he feels 'at home' when he's chained up in one of his own jail cells. I know what you mean Bind!
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