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Cast: AJ Applegate, Mona Wales
Genres: Girl on Girl, Member Fantasy, Hardcore, Masturbation, Natural Tits, Small Tits, Rim Job, Fingering, College, MILF & Mature, 69, Squirting,
When teen AJ Applegate explores her sopping wet pussy in front of a mirror in the bathroom, she starts squirting for the first time, and doesn't know what is happening to her body. Her Mona Wales hears the commotion and walks in to congratulate her for unlocking her box. Mona calmly explains that AJ had her first squirting orgasm, and reassures her it's totally a normal function of her sexuality. When she encourages her to do it again.
AJ feels weird about it, but Mona is very encouraging. AJ tries to explain how she managed to make herself squirt. She inserts her fingers and feels around for a spongy part. When it tightens up, she squeezes and it sort of just comes out. Mona wants to show her what she knows, despite AJ's protests. The MILF gets naked and sits on the bathroom floor. She demonstrates how she hooks her fingers inside her pussy and hits the Skene gland till the cum comes out.
AJ is fascinated by her 's squirting pussy. She leans back and spreads her legs in front of the MILF. Mona dips her fingers into AJ's hole and encourages her to taste her juices. Then AJ touches Mona's vagina, exciting and wetting the MILF. Mona full on fingers AJ releasing a flood of liquid, then she plants her pussy on AJ's and tribs her to climax.
Then AJ lies down on the squirt soaked carpet and Mommy Mona straddles her face. After she teaches AJ how to suck on her clit, AJ uses Mona's tongue to grind out an orgasm. Mona's libido won't quit while she eats out her in 69. Still not done draining her pussy, Mona spreads her legs for AJ to slurp up one last emission of cum!
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