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Release Year: 2016
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Excitement is abound for Max Penn as he recounts the news of making the baseball team to his friend’s boyfriend, Dante Martin. Dante is thrilled for Max, but Max seems a bit preoccupied. Dante senses this and asks him what’s up, and Max reveals that he’s carrying quite a bit of tightness and tension in his shoulder and it has him worried for his start in the big game. Worried that he may not be able to pitch in his debut, concern has turned to stress, which is sitting right in the back of Max’s neck, so Dante offers to massage the tightness away, since he’s licensed to do so. Max agrees and the next thing he knows, he’s lying face first in the living room wearing nothing but his jock. Dante rubs Max down, gaze fixed to Max’s bubble butt sticking up in the air. Max makes the remark that Dante is spending so much time around his ass that Max would swear he’s interested in guys, if he weren’t dating his friend. Dante has a laugh and rubs up Max’s spine, unbuttoning his pants and pulling out his cock. Seems that in working out Max’s stiffness he’s worked up a bit of his own, so he circles around to the front of the massage table and Max opens his eyes to see Dante’s hard cock right in his face. With a look, Max realizes his intuitions were spot on, and moments later he’s got Dante’s cock deep down his throat, gagging on Dante’s dick as Dante chokes him even more. Satisfied that his girlfriend’s boy is much better at giving head than his friend, Dante moves forward with his plan, flipping Max over and straddling his face as he licks Max’s hole and plays with his taint, alternating between rimming and sucking Max off, while Max continues to choke down Dante’s hard on.
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