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Lane came in to do a scene, and he brought his shy step boy Tony with him to try to talk him into doing it, too. Tony said "No thanks," so Lane went ahead and started his scene. Lane is so FUCKING HOT I was totally turned on watching him stroke his dick as he watched porn. He has a great body, nice cock, beautiful face and he was ready to go. I jumped in after a bit and started stroking him myself. He didn't mind at all and stayed hard watching his porn. I told him I'd like to try to get Tony in the scene if at all possible, so we went with a surprise attack. I brought Tony in the room and told him just to observe. He was instantly embarrassed to find his bro on the couch stroking his meat, but soon enough he watched the porn and started stroking himself. A quick round of 'gay chicken' got them touching each others' cocks, and soon they were jacking each other at the same time. Even though he was freaked out by having his boy jerking him off, Tony was even more freaked out that it was turning him on! He was hard and ready to blow shortly. He finished himself off, and Tony had one of the biggest cum shots I've had here on the site. It just went on and on! Tony was embarrassed (again) because it went everywhere. Lane - who doesn't embarrass easily - shot his big load after that. A great cum shot, too, from a super hot guy. We'll have Lane back, but I don't know if Tony would do it again.
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