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Release Year: 2016
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Jan scurries off to share his loot with Tommy Blade, a thrillingly hot man with a ripped body, tattoos and a friendly magazine-cover brunet face. Too bad for them they are caught by massive police officers Tyler Riggz and Nick Mazzaro with drugs, just as the officers were tiring of their rounds for the day. The officers decide to have a little fun with their prey, so Tommy is made on Tyler's cock with Jan gets Nick's. Both guys seem eager to prove their skills, Tommy by instantly deep-throating and Jan by whipping around Nick's cock with amazing speed. The gruff hulking Tyler definitely approves of Tommy's superlative mouth, and of course Nick grows to maximum hardness with Jan displaying his skills. In a moment of sheer genius, the perps are naked on the hood of the car, Tyler rimming Tommy doing the same to Jan, who is sucking both Nick and his nightstick. Tommy is the one to watch here, parting Jan's cheeks with gusto and munching up a small storm. His handsomeness is doubled with an ass attached to it. With apologizes to Jan, whom I adore as a performer like few others, Tommy also has the scene's most mouthwatering ass, even if Tyler's rimming is a bit tame. Speaking of Jan, ever the overachiever, he manages to suck both Nicks big dick and the nightstick together! Tommy soon finds his ass invaded by Tyler's club (the wooden one), but between Tommy's bleats of pleasure, he keeps on rimming. The real fucking starts with deeply tanned Nick throwing all of his hefty musculature at Jan's ass while Tyler fucks Tommy. The bottoms are placed on either side of the car, and the motions of their tops push the whole weight of the car around! Tyler finally kicks into gear here, and I'd like to think that a trip up Tommy's ass is the reason. Nick has the pleasure of hammering away at Jan, which he does with total delight. The bottoms are tossed onto the car on their backs with Nick now doing Tommy, Jan blowing the bottom. Nick provides his second very strong fuck. Getting sucked and fucked has Tommy cumming on his tattooed abs, which is when Tyler re-appears, telling his partner that it's time to go. So, they tie a fully hard Tommy to a tree and the cops pop off on him. Tyler offers Jan the choice of staying with his mate or making a trip to the station with them. He chooses the latter.
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