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Cast: Talon Reed & Myles Landon
Genres: blowjob, rimming, muscle, condom
Video language: English
Talon Reed is out on patrol in the post-apocalyptic 'Wasteland'. He stumbles across supplies - food rations and water - that must have been abandoned in a surprise attack. Talon brings the loot back to base and shows his find to Myles Landon. 'You know what this means, right? It's reward time,' says Myles as he removes his codpiece to reveal his fat, heavy cock. Grinning devilishly, Talon leans in and sucks Myles' rock hard cock until it's dripping with spit. Myles bends Talon over and rims his ass, parting the furry cheeks and pushing his saliva in with his tongue. With Talon's ass wet and willing, Myles stands up and fucks him doggy style. Grabbing Talon's harness, Myles pulls him backwards, which drives Myles' cock even deeper inside. Myles' six-pack abs ripple as he thrusts his hips, and Talon revels in every motion. Lying on his back, Myles invites Talon to go for a ride. Grinding up and down, Talon fucks himself on Myles' rod, picking up speed and intensity every second. Flipping into missionary position, Talon jerks out his load as Myles uses his throbbing cock to stretch Talon's ass. Pulling out, Myles strokes his cock and delivers a gushing stream of cum that drenches Talon's stomach.
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