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Release Year: 2001
Studio: Falcon Studios
Cast: Jimmy McGuire, Chad Hunt, Matthew Rush, Jackson Price, Eric Leneau, Michel Mattel, Lindon Hawk, Leo Bramm, Alec Martinez, Matt Majors, Vince Ditonno, Brett Wilde, Joe Foster, Timmy Thomas, Aaron Osborn, Anthony Shaw, Trey Rexx, Braden Lynx, Brad Benton
It’s back to the slopes for Falcon’s fifth installment in this alpine sex series The Other Side of Aspen V is classic Falcon: young, amply endowed and mostly hair-free men going at it like their paychecks depended on it. Long johns and sweaters reveal bulging pecs, toned glutes and engorged poles at every turn. The story unfolds through the eyes of McGuire, an adorable square-jawed college-age scamp who likes peeking in windows.
Mcguire’s first eyeful is a sultry hookup between Leneau and Rush, the man with the lips that could suck a gherkin through a garden hose. Rush’s near-perfect body is on display here, as is his giganto piece. Leneau can’t get enough of him, and it shows. After an extended fellating, Leneau tops off his meal with a side of asshole. Leneau then offers up his own manpit for Rush’s topping pleasure. Next thing you know, Leneau is bouncing up and down on Rush’s tool like a crazed sex puppet, his own member engorged and flailing.
Next up is a three-way cock-a-thon featuring Martinez, Foster and Benton. Though the camera seems a bit over-caffeinated, the chemistry between these three is great. Lots of animal noises and healthy money shots make it worth your time.
It just wouldn’t be Aspen without an orgy, and this film delivers - a fifteen-man orgy, as a matter of fact. But there’s too many cooks (or cocks, in this case) in the kitchen if you ask me. It’s wall-to-wall mouths, dicks and butts as a horde of your favorite Falcon boys touch each other inappropriately. One of the standouts here is Hunt, whose criminally large gonads fill the screen whenever they get the chance. McGuire is also in on the action and - surprisingly - is a "pitcher" and not a "catcher!" The problem with this scene is that there’s just way too much going on - the camera can only linger in one spot for about 5 seconds before going off to locate more action.
Another threesome is next, this one featuring Hunt, Price and Osborn. As you would expect, Hunt’s putz is larger than life, and Price’s sexual appetite is insatiable. Price gobbles several feet of Hunt’s prize tool, before taking the gargantuan gland in the mangina. As if Price’s boy-twat hasn’t had enough, Hunt proceeds to ram a foot-long dildo up there. Ouch! Hunt then gives Price his patented "Fist of Fury," as Price orally services Osborne’s tallywhacker. A thoroughly vanilla ending between Thomas and McGuire caps off the film. It’s sweet, tender, and involves ass-fucking. What more could you want?
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