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In the second scene, Clint is a soldier dressed in fatigues. His partners here are massively hung lanky Michael Brandon and almost-equally large Troy Banner, a handsome guy with small eyes. Michael's huge dick dominates the early part of the scene, where he and Troy merely jack themselves off, but with Clint watching, Michael finally gets off his bunk and blows Troy in the video's best display of oral ability. Troy has a very large dick, but Michael sucks it all the way down. I guess Michael has paid attention to all the great talents who have handled his own striking meat. Troy gets to suck Clint and does a good job of it. Michael blows Clint as well and when the two supporting stars move into a 69, Clint helps Troy with Michael's cock, managing not only to deep-throat it amazingly, but using that ball-licking motion again that makes his blowjobs so damn hot! Inspired heavily by all the great sucking, Michael tears a hole in Troy's shorts with his mouth and rims Troy fervently. He then fucks Troy, with his usual take-no-prisoners style, luckily forgetting that his dick is bigger than most people will ever see, and since Troy doesn't even mutter with Clint's dick in his mouth, Michael is totally justified. This fuck is also short, like the last scene, and Troy finishes with the best load of the three.
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