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Cop Clint is up next, and he looks his most fetching here, with his clipped-hairy chest hidden under a tight black uniform and enormous black boots. At the onset, he slams Ryan Chandler, a thuggish-looking pretty guy with a long face and dark hair under a bandana whose slight body allows Clint to truly be the focus of the scene, up against a wall and frisks him sexually. After some kissing, where Clint excels throughout in this video, Clint worships Ryan's manageable cock. He starts with his unique tongue-flicking and works his way into a full-out chew, delighting in using his cheeks in the action. I should say here that it never gets tiring to see Clint in scene after scene in this video because he treats each scene differently. There is a different energy and show of technique in each scene, all under the banner of being the most intense performer he can be with the current partner. Ryan sucks Clint with immediate lust, Clint slapping his dick around Ryan's face and really face-fucking his charge. Clint then rubs his boot against Ryan's dick and ass, finally bending Ryan over and moving in for the anal catch. The fuck is very penetrating, with some very hard slams, and a mind for changing speeds as a way to keep the bottom guessing the whole time. Ryan is a good egg in taking what Clint gives him and the anal action here is brief again.
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