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In the final scene, Cowboy Clint is thrust luckily on Evan Taylor and Logan Krewe. Logan is an attractive brunet with some very interesting tattoos and Evan is very handsome, with big pouty lips, a beautiful hairy chest and stomach, and a body that threatens Clint's domination of the whole video in that department. Clint seems at his oral best here, sucking heartily on both dicks (the time where he blows both together, not using his hands at all, is the clear highlight), while Evan and Logan also do fantastic work. Everyone is into it, and everyone sucks and gets sucked. Clint generously shares the spotlight with his co-stars here, not in the foreground of the action 100% of the time as before, and since Evan and Logan are so darn talented, this is a wise move on everyone's part. While Evan blows Clint, Logan lovingly rims Evan. Evan, who has a nice big dick, plays bottom for Logan, who slides in and out of his ass with gentle ease. With Logan still fully inserted in Evan, Clint nimbly climbs behind him and makes him man in the middle. Logan is superb here both as top and bottom, and Clint is careful to allow him to do most of the work, pounding away at him only when it's clear he is fully comfortable taking it and fucking Evan at the same time. Though no one could really steal the scene from Clint, these two come closest of anyone so far.
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