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Release Year: 2017
Studio: Young Bastards
Cast: Mika Poika, Basti Winkler, Greg Diesel, Ruben Lizky, Maxxime Furie, David Lemarque, Stephan Gainer
Genres: Anal Sex, Blow Jobs-Oral Sex, Bondage (BDSM), Europeans, Gang Bangs, German, Group Sex (4 or more), Leather, Rimming-Ass Licking, Spanking, Submissive, Tattooed, Threesomes, Toys-Foreign Objects, Watersports
On the streets of Berlin lads get kidnapped to be used and abused in dingy basements by a bunch of domineering machos. Piss, bondage, and whacking, they'll resort to any suitable method to humiliate their victims who must indulge their every sexual whim. However Mika manages to overpower his abductor and gets his revenge...
Five horny scenes featuring a pillory, spanking benches, handcuffs, spitting, loads of piss and superb cumshots!
Two defenceless lads
The sex gangsters are driving around Berlin on their bus on the lookout for fresh meat as they come across a sneaker boy and set on him. The victim is thrown into the dungeon where another slave, tied to the pillory, is waiting to be dealt with. One of the abductors really gets off on abusing the two defenless lads. Bondage, piss, spanking, anal stretching with speculum, hard fucking, up the arse and other treats of that ilk are all part of the programme...
A shave with a vengeance
Mika is handcuffed to a chair. A very aggressive skinhead stands before him shaving his blond hair off. But after being forcibly shorn Mika manages to set himself free and to overpower his abductor. Now he can take his revenge over the skin by pissing into his mouth and ramming his massive todger up his arse...
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