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Release Year: 2019
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I have been sent this awesome pool inflatable and have been asked to have some fun with it while its being inflated, hopefully until it pops. So I unfold this pretty watermelon slice pool toy and I then tell you what I have in reach to include my wonderful Hitachi magic wand. I say that i will have 2 or 3 orgasms hopefully before it pops from being over inflated, little to I know it takes a while longer than i expected for it to get fully blown up with the air compressor I am using. I tape the air nozzle into it and tape the hand to On and I hope on this inflatable and well, why just sit there when I have a Hitachi at my reach. So I vibrate my sweet spot over my see though panties and have a few orgasms and well, a few more as it inflates beneath me. Why stop there, I put my hand down my panties and feel just how wet I am, wiping my nectar on the raft. I start sweating and keep sweating as you see by the end I am one dripping sweaty mess. But I just keep using my Hitachi and having true orgasms, toes pointed, legs helplessly stretched out straight, not posing for the camera but enjoying the euphoria the orgasms give me over and over again. Soon i realize that there is a leak in the seams of the float. I have another orgasm as i plug up one of the leaks with my finger but then i give my clit a break and use the handy dandy patch to try and fix the big leak beneath. It works for a bit but after yet another orgasm or 2, the inflatable doesn't get larger so I just enjoy the now slowly deflating float beneath me and have a couple more orgasms. Why stop a good thing. I am a bit disappointed that I wasn't able to enjoy the popping beneath me, I am one happy girl that just orgasmed 10 times. I slip off my very wet & sweaty panties and explain that these too could be yours as well if you wish to purchase the cum & sweat covered inflatable. Just email me for details. I hope you enjoyed this first every orgasms on a pool toy..and well, the most orgasms I've ever had in less than 35 minutes!
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