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Release Year: 2011
Studio: Straight Guys For Gay Eyes
Cast: Aaron Rivers
Video language: English
Ever been asked “what’s your type?” Well we’ve discovered a gorgeous guy from San Diego that is everybody’s type! Aaron Rivers is a former college football player and we can understand why his coach made him the team’s tight end! He’d be the perfect fraternity president in a remake of “Animal House” and at 6’4? we couldn’t wait to see what was underneath that polo shirt and jeans. Aaron loves cardio and power-lifting when he’s at the gym and seeing him shirtless certainly did our hearts good. (And that smile is to die for). Lucky Alexis has her pick of awesome body parts to lick and starts with Aaron’s remarkably perfect ass. Another favorite shot has to be watching Aaron’s upper body as he slides his big, thick fuck stick inside Alexis. It’s not hot, it’s scorching. Aaron mixes up the action and positions with great finesse, taking his partner to the edge of eroticism each time. All we can say after watching him shoot that big load is, ‘welcome to our team, Aaron.’

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