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It's late at night and young Lacey Channing can't sleep. Her Mommy left her and her Step Daddy all alone. Since then Lacey has been having nightmares. She grew up with this man, and Lacey Channing always feels more comfortable in his arms. The all natural brunette teen cuddles up with her Step man but still can't sleep. Lacey arches her tight teenage ass up against him. He protests because he knows it's wrong. Lacey wants him to put her to sleep the way he used to when she was younger. The slutty young girl insists that her Step man fills her tight shaved pussy with his cock. She drops to her knees and starts to suck him off. Lacey Channing is impressed with how big his cock is. She can barely remember the last time she got to suck the big dick of the man she loves. Lacey is in heaven as he fucks her tight hairless pussy. The excited teen cums over and over. She then is ready to go to bed, satisfied and fulfilled.
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