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Release Year: 2008
Studio: Kristen Bjorn
Genres: anal, oral, international cast, general hardcore, condoms
The famed photographer then ends up being double fucked by the super-hot duo. Aboard their fabulous cruise ship, Russian Mafiosos Alex Brinski and Erik Demko are so turned on by the idea of participating in one of their own productions, that they milk every last drop of cum out of each other. Meanwhile, mega porn star Jean Franko seduces and fucks his pool boy Hugo Martin in an attempt to convince him to shoot a porn film, thus salvaging his own floundering career. However, when romance doesn’t work, Franko resorts to drugging Martin, who suddenly finds himself in the mist of a porn shoot with five dicks in his mouth! Caught up in the sexual fury, Martin has no choice but to submit to the demands of co-stars Jean Franko, Darren Robins, Carl Wilde, Erik Demko and Alex Brinski. After draining everyone’s cocks, Martin then gets caught in the middle of a fuck-train, while Jean Franko and Alex Brinski double-dick Carle Wilde. Later, with the production in full swing, mega famous porn directors Daniel Marvin and Pedro Andreas can’t resist temptation too long before joining Carlos Montenegro and Gustavo Arrango in a four man fuck orgy that leaves everyone bone-dry. ACTION! Parts 1 & 2 has a cast of 27 of the world’s hottest men, the wildest sex, buckets of cum shots, and state of the art production values. This new tongue-in-cheek fantasy farce by Kristen Bjorn is guaranteed to take you over the edge time and time again!
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