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Release Year: 2014
Studio: Asian Ephebes
Cast: Jenny & Boyle
Genres: HD Duo, Safe sex, Thai Boys, Exclusive Models, Uncensored, Gay Asian Porn,
Let’s know and welcome Jenny, 19, 170, 47! He just made his come out and want to meet lot of new experiences. Jenny is a very charming teen boy, with a beautiful smile! Shy, but very friendly once in confidence. He is very talkative and still innocent!
I was talking with Boyle near the beach when my I saw Jenny walking along with a friend! Boyle showed his interest too and we started a conversation with Jenny. It was hot and better to go somewhere to talk quietly… Jenny and Boyle showed much interest for each other. So, a good introduction to make a nice video with 2 sexy Asian Ephebes. Plenty of sensuality!
Even it was evident Jenny has few experience, after a short talk, they were already deciding of positions… both willing to top the other. Finally, Boyle won the role! It was a mistake; I learned a bit later. They started nicely, but it was evident Boyle can’t get hard enough… For some reasons, Boyle decided to wear a condom from the first minute and it made things not really easy for Jenny! After a short try, they decided to forget about fucking for this time and it was then much more convenient for both. I think better you discover this video by yourself! So nice bodies, beautiful smooth skin, a bit shyness from both, amazing Jenny’s smiles… and much more. Don’t be surprised: they talked a lot, naturally! Discovering a lot on Jenny’s side. Meanwhile, he has a promising skill already…!

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